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Power to Choose is a week-long camp designed to empower Indigenous youth with choice in their future and life. Our goal is to foster a passion for science in our students, and we aim to do this through teaching science subjects in age and culturally relevant ways. This year Power to Choose has two themes for our students, Robotics and Medicine. This is also our first year to have younger day campers in addition to our overnight jr./sr. high school students.


There are a variety of ways that you can volunteer for Power to Choose. Throughout the day, volunteers are needed for supervising and mentoring students, posting on our social media, and preparing meals. At night volunteers are needed to supervise students while they are in residence. Night time volunteers will be provided a room in residence to stay in during camp. All volunteers will need to complete a police check before camp begins.


Click here for a draft of our 2018 camp activity schedule to get a sense of what happens.  2019 is in preparation

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Camp Volunteers

Most of the shfts below are 4 hours in length.  This way you can help us set out a meal and clean up, then participate in the activity session planned after that meal.  You are welcome to eat with the youth and certainly welcome to stay longer! 

The shfts that are longer include:

Over Night - Stay in a 3 bedroom appartment with 2 youth.  Camp staff will also be staying in the same location.  

Checkin and our first evening's activities.  This is often getting aquainted, blessing and smudge, leadership and teamwork, and review of over-nigher's camp rules.

Thursday evening - trip to Rothney Obseratory.  We leave later than usual for a evening BBQ, field activities, then presentations at Rothney Observatory.  Bus transportation will be available.  If you are unable to stay for the full period, you will need to arrange your own transport. 

Friday morning activities are usually packing up and preparing presentations for graduation.  


If you are interested in something that is not mentioned above, feel free to email us and discuss your ideas! power2choose@indigesteam.ca

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