Global Association for Indigeneering Alliance (GAIA)

GAIA strives to...

  • connect Indigenous science, technology, and engineering professionals that are committed to combining Western scientific principles with an Indigenous worldview of respect for Mother Earth, mentoring and supporting Sustainability in all sectors
  • provide a forum for sharing of knowledge with our members, with communities, and with industry
  • provide a healing space for Indigenous role models who walk in two worlds
  • provide an opportunity for our members to mentor Indigenous youth and support education in the form of scholarships.

For Indigenous youth learners, ways of learning and coming to know are grounded in practical, hands-on, and learning-by-doing first.  STEM outreach programs can bring valuable hands-on activities to Indigenous youth, but even more important to an event or workshop are those instances where the learning is also facilitated by an Indigenous STEM mentor.  The number of Indigenous people who currently have or are getting a post-secondary STEM degree or diploma is still quite small, so the role models are few and unsupported; often doing what they can ad hoc.  We have mentors with industry and academic experience that can mentor you the mentor.  Here, we invite you to join us, to work together to make a greater impact. 


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