The Gearheads 12265 - FIRST Global TEAM CANADA


Meet Team Canada


We have our robot ready and are practicing our driving and operating.  We would like to thank everyone who has purchased something from our raffles or auctions, sponsored and/or donated to us.  We made it!  with your help, we have our registration paid and have enough to send our younger members who have contributed to the build and an extra mom as chaperone.  We are very grateful for everyone's support.  

See our stories at CBC online, CTV Calgary, and Global National.  Thank you to the networks and reporting teams that are helping us tell our story.  We'll see you when we get back.  


Our Team Consists of
Elly - Team Member - Builder/Logbook
Gregor - Team Member - Builder/Logo Designer - travel team
Quentin  - Team Member - Coder/Website - traveling
Rafe - Team Member - Builder - traveling 
Tara-Shay - Team Member - Driver - travel team
Ben - Team Member - Builder and Coder - traveling
Trice - Team Member - Coder - travel team
Tristan  - Team Member - Builder - travel team
Luke - Team Member - Builder
Blaine - Team Member - Builder

Connor - Photographer / Media

Logan - Mentor - travel team technical mentor
Deanna - Mentor  
Konrad - Mentor
Johnathan - Mentor
Mitch - Mentor
Evan - Mentor
Reem - Mentor - travel team mentor
Peter - Mentor
Clair - Mentor and mom
Rob - Mentor

Wendy - Organizer
Jim - Fundraising Coordinator and dad
Sheila - Fundraising Coordinator and mom

Chasity - team support and mom
Tia - team support and sister - Chaperone
Tania - team support and mom
Shantel - team support, mom and caterer

Thank you to our Team Canada Donors, Sponsors and Partners

        Centenial Chapter

Thank you to everyone who donated or sponsored a part of our team's trip.

Thank you to those who donated to our Silent Auction

Special thank you to O'Rielly Law Office, Calgary

Brentwood Location