The Gearheads 12265 - FIRST Global TEAM CANADA

Meet The Gearheads


Our First Global Team is working hard to get our robot ready for the competition in Dubai.  We have many mentors, who help our students in their building and coding indeavors. We are working hard to get fundraising and sponsorships for the team to travel for this competition.

Our Team Consists of
Elly - Team Member - Builder/Logbook
Gregor - Team Member - Builder/Logo Designer
Quentin  - Team Member - Coder/Website
Rafe - Team Member - Builder
Tara-Shay - Team Member - Builder
Trice - Team Member - Coder
Tristan  - Team Member - Builder

Connor - Photographer / Media

Logan - Mentor
Deanna - Mentor  
Konrad - Mentor
Johnathan - Mentor
Mitch - Mentor
Evan - Mentor
Reem - Mentor

Wendy - Organizer
Jim - Fundraising Coordinator
Sheila - Fundraising Coordinator